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Friday, June 27, 2014

Quick Finish

I meet my deadline, goody! 
It was a quick quilt and not to difficult to complete once I set my mind to it. I even had some healthy competition from Shay. Though I don't think it was fair for her for a couple of reasons. 
1. Shay is quilting her complicated appliquéd orange peels. I was doing a big grid. 
2. We both wanted our quilts done by Saturday. But Shay is a day ahead of us as she lives Down Under.  
3. Shay is unpacking her parents into their new house. Me, I'm just sitting around eating chocolates and feeding kittens.
See its just not fair but I did like the challenge. Thank you Shay!
I did say that there wouldn't be any fancy quilting but I wanted to slow down and give Shay a chance to catch up. Also I think that area around the name needed some more color. If I did anything fancy anywhere else it would have been lost in the fabric patterns. 
Just a few swirly feathers to fill the space. 
Hot pink backing was a bold choice but I wanted a plain backing because I FM quilted her name all over the back. If anyone steals this quilt from my SIL, they will have a @"*+ of a time removing all the tight stitched words from the quilt!
I'll try to get pictures tomorrow hopefully with a BIG smile! 

Shay, I'm looking forward to seeing your finish! I know you can do it! I'd send you some chocolates for energy but they'd never get there in time. 
Grab some Cadbury bars with fruit and nuts and send me the bill. And throw in a couple packs of Tim Tams!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

4 comments: said...

Looks great! What's next???
D.G. L

Shay said...

Yay for your finish! You did it - And it looks brilliant !

I did start my quilting in between unpacking and all the other stuff going on here but then decided I did like the quilting and then started thinking about how pretty FM would look ...I cant FM very well so I started to practice and now I have some unpicking to do instead of actual quilting !

PS. Will give the fruit and nut chocky a miss – Im allergic to nuts (although hospital would be a good excuse for not finishing my quilting wouldn’t it!)

Carla said...

I hope Susan loves it! Great feathers too

Lori said...

Adorable! Nothing like a little competition to help you stay focused!!