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Friday, June 6, 2014

Surprise Package

Quilters are the nicest people!
Imagine my surprise when I received a package from fellow blogger Lindi. 
She's so sweet, she was sending out gifts on HER birthday. Not only is she sweet, she's creative and master glass maker. 
She stuffed the package full of goodies! 
 Do you see those bundles of fabric? It's wool! Now I have no excuse to not try out a wool pattern. No more excuse, Lindi has made sure I catch the wool bug!
Than I saw these glittery threads. Than I instantly thought they'd be perfect with my little dresdens! I'm looking forward to playing with them. 
Lindi also stuck a few of her glass creations in the box. That snowflake is absolutely gorgeous! It's so delicate.  I careful hung in in my kitchen window. I don't like snow but I love this single snowflake!
Thank you Lindi for the lovely gifts and the surprise of winning a giveaway!

Last night was our annual guild sew night. We all get together and make quilts tops for the community. Ours will be for a boy who is aging out of foster care. 
We started with a basic 9-patch in mostly browns. 
Then our leader cut up those 9-patches into these blocks. It's still a mystery to me how they do this! All I know is that it turns out much nicer than the blocks we started with. 
We are still working on putting the blocks back together. Maybe next month we will have them done. 
But we finally finished or HST quilt and now I've got to get it quilted. That's my weekend job. I need to get it sandwiched, with several layers of cat hair!

Have a Great weekend!
Take care, Brandie


Carrie P. said...

wow! what a great gift you received. you will love working with wool. I believe the quilt you all put together is a disappearing 9 patch. Fun and easy to make.

Dee said...

That snowflake is beautiful! Very fragile looking though. I'm glad it didn't break in the mail.