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Friday, June 13, 2014

Slow Days

It seems that with the heat and the kittens, I'm not as productive as usual. Last week the heat was so bad I was sweating just to walk into another room. Thank goodness that's passed! Now it so chilly in the mornings I have to close up the house before bed. What kind of crazy weather is this!?
The centers were finally finished Tuesday while waiting for an appointment. Though I think it took me two more days just to get them to my sewing room. 
As you can see, I needed help to hold them down. 
I really need a design wall! Cats just can't resist anything laying on the floor. Anything! It's like a cat trap. Just lay fabric or paper on the floor and soon every cat in the house will act as a weight to hold them down for you. 
I did manage to attach every dresden and complete the main part of the quilt. Now that I'm done with that its time for me to think about the appliquéd border. I've run out of all but a fat quarter of the black so I'm thinking maybe its time to introduce another black for the border. But I think that will be decide IF I can find said fabric. 

Mama cat had her surgery and we took that opportunity to separate the babies from her. I bathed them and brought them into the house. The first few days they seemed as if they were adjusting. Then they escaped their cage and we had to re-catch them. My hands suffered a few bites, good thing I'm not doing my appliqué yet! This morning my hands seem to feel better not stinging like they were all day yesterday. Lots of ointments and lotion!
Our intention is to hand feed the kitties till they are comfortable with our hands. Then to hold them as much as possible. 
Yesterday we let mama out of her cage so she could go back to her outside home. But she didn't want to leave. She sat on the porch in front of the door howling for her babies! It was so sad! This is a feral cat that we've been feeding for about two years and assumed was a male. There is no denying that animals don't feel affection or love. Unfortunately they seem more affectionate than my BIL! But that's another heart breaking story that I'm not sure I can say out loud. Please just keep my Sister-In-Law in you thoughts and prayers. She needs all the support and love she can get. 

Thank you!


Shay said...

Really hot weather just takes away any motivation you have – all you want to do is find somewhere cool (like the top of an iceberg for example) to relax and escape the heat. Your Dresdens look amazing.

Those kitties are so cute. Like your plan to hand raise them. What are you going to do with that many cats?

Sorry to hear about your BIL ...whatever he did . Hope your SIL is going to be Ok....

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful quilt--the floor is my design wall and Callie Mae helps with the arrangements

Carla said...

Hi Brandie. I remember you telling me a bit about your SIL. Will pray for her. Beautiful dresdens

Teri said...

I sure hope your SIL is doing better. Is she home yet....she is in my thoughts and your Dresden plates..