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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Cut into some fabrics I did. I had a hard time making decisions but I keep at it. In fact, I almost stayed up late playing, almost.
Speaking of sleep, last night may have been the first time I feel like I sleep a whole 8 hours. I think I'm getting use to this new time change, finally!
Bag one.
 I used the same design as the original, Except, I added a wrist strap. I did it Liz!
The strap may be too big but I wanted the dots to show. It's all a learning experience.
Then I added a fourth zipper to the back of the bag.
Then I boxed the bottom.

Bag two.
Two zippers on one side.
One zipper on the other side.
And a thinner wrist strap.
Even if these aren't perfect, I know little girls will love them. So I keep on sewing and arranging piles of fabric.
Then I thought, Why not embellishments?
So I added a bit to this unfinished bag.
I still have more ideas.
Today I'm going to tackle a couple of those ideas.

I'm running out of zippers! It's hard to know exactly what I'll need for each bag. I just buy 6 zippers at a time and I'm running out again. I may run out of creativity around the same time I use my last zipper. It may be time to go through each and every one of my Grandmothers zipper, except I think most of those are metal. It may be time to find out!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Take care, Brandie


Jean(ie) said...

YAY!!! Those are adorable! Bright happy and fun!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Looking super cute Brandie!!

Lori said...

What fun!! I bet each one gets a little easier to assemble too. I love them!!

Createology said...

These are each fabulous and the blue one is making me swoon. I have yet to make even one. The hours in my days just evaporate and I have no idea what I do. Blissful Sewing...