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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Piping Hot

I buckled down yesterday and finished the quilting and added piping to my Easter basket pillow.
I remember when I started this I was all proud of myself for starting early enough to finish before Easter. Than I got really lazy and let it sit around gathering dust. But I'm happy to say I did finish in time for Easter.
This is the pillow without it's form. 
Boy is it hard to take pictures with a playful cat in the house! I was shoooing him away, picking him up and moving him. It took much longer than necessary just to take a clear shot.
It's also a gray and dreary day, not very good for taking good pictures, besides the fact that I'm not a professional.
As you can see from this picture, Dorian attack the pillow in mid shot. Crazy cat!
And this is the pillow stuffed and ready for the window seat.

Then I got distracted by more zippers.
I saw these cute macaroon zippies and saved the pattern to try them out. It helped that Grandma's zipper box had several small metal zippers.
But after making a few, I started questioning my sanity. These are small little guys.
Hubby said they are only big enough for a chocolate chip. As you can see, there is room fro more than one.
There is room for a quarter or two.
But maybe their purpose is to protect your thimble? I'm not sure, but I've decided that this is it, no more macaroons for me. They are too fiddly and make my hands hurt making them. But I was up for a challenge and I met it head on. So off to a new one!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
Take care, Brandie


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Wow! Those are so incredibly small and adorable!! So cute. I love them. You are so talented, I doubt I could make anything that small, much less with a zipper. LOVE them!! :) The perfect thimble keeper.

Heather said...

The pillow turned out great and those little macaroons are adorable!

Sharon said...

OMG those are tiny!! Love that cat of yours, he went right at your applique, too cute. Your quilting is fabulous, I've never stitched out feathers with the 'pearls' in the spine, yours look terrific!

Jean(ie) said...

LOVE the pillow. Serious love. Thanks for the encouragement!

Jo said...

That Dorian! Attacking eggs! Wow, those Macaroons are really small. My hands could not do that. Way to use LITTLE scraps of everything. See you tonight. The sun better be back tomorrow or I am going to get the slugs too.

Barb said...

Those macaroons are adorable!!
Dorian is so cute too, love those curious cats.

Anonymous said...

O that was aWesOme of you to post this darling macaroon pattern, along with the photos! can't wait to try them, i am SO inspired!
Thank you very much for the wonderful Blog!