Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, March 14, 2013


The ideas keep coming. This bag is pieced. You all know how much I love flying geese, so why not put them on a bag?
I really like this combo of red and aqua. It's better looking in person. I just couldn't get it to show it's true colors.
This bag will be mine, unless I come up with another favorite.
What's inside?
I even put in a favorite red lining.
As you can see, someone wanted to know what was so interesting about this "thing".
This someone was just caught on the kitchen island licking "I can't believe it's not butter" out of the tub!
Who's fault is it? Is it his or mine for not putting in right back in the frig?
And this was just after I pushed away from my mug of luke-warm tea!
Yummy butter!
I think he's missing his Daddy because he just will not stop harassing me. Everyday it's something new.
I'm a little worried as to why he's cleaning his feet

Peek a Boo

This here is his Alexander Skarsgard look. "Sexy ain't I"
The days are still not long enough. I haven't felt like I've done much of anything this week except chase a cat. I am entertained that's for sure!

Take care, Brandie


Sharon said...

Yes, Dorian, you ARE sexy! What a cute photo of him!

Grit said...

Your cat is so lovely. And your sewing too.

Greetings from Germany, Grit

Anonymous said...

What great new zipper pouches!!!! Time for a class! Liz

Jean(ie) said...

What a cutie pie!!!

Dee said...

My cat Sam won't leave butter alone either. She has weight issues too so we really have to watch her (besides the fact we just don't want to eat butter that's had a cat tongue in it!) You're really going to town on your bags. So many different options with them. It looks like you're still having a lot of fun. I like the flying geese on the top and the ones with the handles.

Createology said...

Dorian is quite the cat! Actually licking butter helps their coats shine and helps fur balls pass thru easier. I am loving your zippered bags and you are really creating some great different styles. Maybe we just need another week of longer sushine to adjust and get more done. Hmmm...
Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

MamaT said...

The zippered bag is great! I know why you're keeping this one! My cat is silent all day but when my husband comes home she howls and howls! It's like she's letting him have it for leaving her at home alone all day with me!