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Thursday, March 28, 2013


I forgot that I actual did some sewing this weekend. This time I thought I was a huge slacker but then I was looking at the pictures on the camera and came across the back I constructed from the leftover color diamonds and a small piece of black fabric that I've been saving for ?
Because it was a small piece of fabric I thought it would be perfect and not a waste. I'm happy with it. The funny thing is, I've done a small bit of quilting on this piece but I didn't think about the back because it wasn't showing while it sits on my machine.
Have you noticed that I'm not accomplishing much? I have. I'm disturbed by my lack. It's not just with my creative side either. It spills over into my home as well. I feel like a flounder fillet. (BTW, I'm going to patent that)
After much thought, I'm going to reconstruct my life style. I did make a new years resolution to do so and it's only taken me 3 months to really start it.
I'm not being to hard on myself, I kind of figure that life always needs readjusting and work. But there are steps that I need to take for myself.
One, I need to spend more time on my body. I'm not getting any younger and I need to stop making excuses. After spending several hours in the car taking Hubby back and forth to the airport, my hips have been killing me! Well not literally, but I've been mighty uncomfortable.
So it's time to grab the bull by the horns and do something for me and my health.

Two, I've learned that all the years I had lists and schedules for the kids, those lists weren't really for them, they were for my benefit.
Since the children aren't home anymore those lists started to fall by the way side. Well my house is showing it! I thought I could be more of a free spirit and spontaneous. All that has happened is that I have a pile of laundry, one of those closets that you shove and close quickly and a sink of dishes. I've lost my discipline. I've also discovered that I'm a mess (and the house) without it. So I'm back to lists and schedules, affective immediately! I'm tired of being a flounder fillet,  just tired of it.
During morning yoga practice, someone is always keeping a sharp eye on me. I'd rather it be his eyes then his claws. It's really hard to be in downward-facing-dog and have your ponytail attacked!

Today that basket has only one handle. Soon I need to find another trash-basket to fit in the coffee table and hope that it'll fair a better life.
You know our dogs haven't been as destructive as this sweet kitty. He has torn apart more baskets, toys, tassels and more cups have been knocked over than I've ever known. Every day he knocks something down.  You should see my roll of batting!  Just saying, he's a punk! I should also warn you about gibberish emails from me. It hasn't happened yet but it's just a matter of time. I find him laying on the keyboard all the time. I'll come back into the room and find a page filled with characters. And laptops are an invitation to be stepped on and even more exciting when they beep back.  He's a punk!

Back a month or so back I order some Kaffe for a backing (Thanks Jeanie).
It's a keeper and I love it with my hexies. This will be the brightest quilt I'll have ever made.
Here it is. Isn't it so pretty!? I really, really love it!
Just one complaint about Hancocks, maybe two. I ordered this when it was on sale. I put it in my cart and walked away. I came back later and placed the order. A month later I couldn't remember if I ordered  three yards or three half yards. I stressed till it showed up yesterday. Thank goodness I order three yards which on their site means I ordered 6 units. That confuses me and I'm always second guessing myself.
The second complaint, after placing every order I receive an email a day or two later saying that the fabric is back ordered. That is super annoying! In fact once it didn't come in at all and I ended up ordering the same thing from the Fat Quarter Shoppe. And their shipping was so much faster too! So I'm thinking of cutting Hancocks out of my life. Reconstruction.

Ok, I'm done venting, time to get back to my list!
Take care,


Sharon said...

Lists and calendars are great, I would mark my yoga on it and never missed, I also schedule massages, and on my work calendar they are listed as Doctor Appt, so no one questions it when I leave early.

Sharon said...

..and although D is being a punk, he will outgrow this stage, and he's so dang cute!

Carrie P. said...

I do like that back with the pastel blocks. Neat idea.
I really dislike it when a on line shop has you order by the 1/2 yards. So dumb!
Whatever helps a person get organized I am for it. We all have our own ways. Lists don't work for me.

Jean(ie) said...

I'm with ya about reconstruction. See today's post about working on multiple projects. I typically work on one at a time.

Plus I want to use my studio more. Especially now that it's the way I like it!

Plus, I've lost 19.2 pounds since February. Reconstructing my eating habits, too!

I guess what I'm saying is -- GO FOR IT! You can do anything you set your mind to do!

Miriam said...

I am a list person. I always feel like I have gotten more done if I make a list and cross things off during the day. Dorian is just sooo cute!!!
I love your hexies and your bright Kaffe background.

Dee said...

I'm a list person too. My husband is not. But it works for me and I'm so much more productive with it. Plus I feel so good when I cross items off! I understand about the computer and cats too. As I'm typing this, my David is kneading my stomach and getting in the way of the keyboard. I keep telling him one day my stomach is going to be so firm he won't want to knead it, but I think we both know I'm dreaming.

Createology said...

Flounder Fillet...I like that phrase and that is how I have been feeling with the lack of sunshine. Your backing fabric with the little color squares is wonderful. Dorian is typical kitty cat. The keyboard is warm and so that is the allure. Gibberish emails are a bonus. ;o) Oh the discipline of lists...
Happy Hopping Dear.

Sue-Anne said...

I need lists too. Its amazing how much more I get done when I can see what I have to do. Dorian is a treasure and I love your backing fabric with your hexies. I ordered some fabric from Hancocks and it took two months to get here, Fat Quarter Shop takes less than two weeks.

Carla said...

Fun post Brandie. Your kitty sure grew up fast! Enjoy that new fabric

Lori said...

First off, I love your punk! I see it in his eyes!! LOL
No more flounder fillet. You can do it!

Esther said...

I so relate to this post, and while the weather is warming up, and that should energize me, I too feel like a "flounder fillet". Lists are my only recourse, and the satisfaction I get crossing things off is huge, but there seems to always be something left on the list. Oh bother. I hope you find your zest and passion again, and if you do tell me where it was so I can look there for mine. :)

M and M plus 3 said...

Lol, last year when I was doing a lot of sewing, my house failed as well. That is why in August, last year, I began cleaning which gave way to staging, then moving. Now, well, we're living in a small 4 room place. I can only hope I get to sew soon. To bad Emily bought jeans too long yesterday, that will be my first sewing in a while. I've just been lazy here lately. Maybe with seeing you working, I can get motivated. Lol, or at least dream. I'm going to forget how to use my new machine if I don't get to use it soon.

Oh Dorian, I just wanna give you a hug, you are so sweet!

I've also been trying to work out more. I've been trying, it was easier when it was just down the road.

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