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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Whole New Bag

Well yesterdays appointment went well. I was told that they had too many bags and that one customer was asked to take some back. Then she looked at my bags and "Ooooed" and said "these are so unique, we should have No problems selling these". I personally think it's that Fabulous fabric! That fabric could make this simplest of bags look fantastic.
Speaking of ... I made my first prototype of a new bag. Or a bucket, as my Husband calls it. We'll compromise and call it a bucket tote.
It's 12 1/2 inches tall and stands up on it's own. The straps can still go over your shoulder and feel good either in your hand or on your shoulder.
But I made a mistake. I cut out 2 pieces of this beautiful toile fabric. Instead of having a wasted piece of upside down toile, I put it in the inside. So now when someone says "it's upside down", I'll say "no, I meant it to be that way. Now you can see the beautiful fabric without looking at it and turning your head". What do you think? Can I pull that one off?
I quilted the bottom to give it a little cushion (ignore the lint).
So I cut out more of that Fabulous fabric and hopefully get a couple made before you see me next.
And just maybe I'll have a extra to give away, as long as you all like them...
Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

See, I told you your bags are going to fly out the door!! I really love the design of this bag, Brandie! It's gorgeous! I love how big and open it it is! My motto "the bigger the bag, the BETTER!"

Have a very Happy New Year! Thanks for helping make my 2010 so special!

Jeanette said...

The bag is gorgeous. I like your idea of why the fabric is that way on the inside. Happy New Year.

Kathie said...

yes you can pull it off, love that and yes I would want to see that beautiful toile. I love this bag!

wendy said...

Gosh you are so prolific, all your bags are gorgeous, as is your fabric choice.
Well done you

Lori said...

The toile is wonderful on that bag! I hope you sell many at the shop!!

Lee said...

How lovely - I love the straps and I think you can be creative and do what you like since its your pattern. I would love not to tip my head upside down to see that lovely pattern on the fabric. What a great idea :) Happy New Year!