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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kitchen Goodies

Today I've woken up with out a voice. This happens about once a year and there isn't anything I can do about it. It's very frustrating not being able to make a noise above a squeak, hopefully it will clear up by tonight, before our Guild meeting. Oh well!
I'm also a little late today, because I was trying to get some light to my jam. I wanted you all to see how wonderful the color is to this jam. Since daylight savings, I keep waking up in the dark and we all know the you can't take as good of pics in the dark.
Then I put said jam on my bread and Voila! Isn't this the most beautiful color? Bet you'll never guess what kind of jam it is?
I slaved away in the kitchen all day yesterday. I made a pot of jam, several loafs of bread and gallons and gallons of turkey soup, which hasn't given me a voice. Hmmm, myth?
I had a HUGE and I mean Huge bowl of leftover mashed potatoes (which is unheard of?!). We had been eating them with every meal. Pork chops... and mashed potatoes. Stuffing, gravy... and mashed potatoes. Just mashed potatoes. And something that I'm not proud of, hamburger mixed with cream of mushroom soup, over green beans and topped with creamed... mashed potatoes!
It was getting ridiculous! Then I had an epiphany. Potato Bread! So I have made about 2 loafs each day and have frozen 13 cups of mashed potatoes! Each loaf uses 1 cup of potatoes so in no time I'll have used up those potatoes.
Now don't laugh at my loaf, this was the best looking one. I feel asleep while they were rising on the mantel. The worst one had grown up and over the sides and left a groove that made it very difficult to remove for it's pan. We eat that one with our turkey soup and it still tasted great, just looked funny.
If I had turned this loaf over, you'd see the pan rim also. I think I may have bouced it into the oven and that's why it is a little deflated in the middle.
Back the that jam. Figured out what kind yet? Carrot!
That's right, carrot. It was a french confiture. It also has lemon zest and juice which makes it taste a little more lemony than of carrots.
I like it and so does my dog and that's all that's important to me!
I know that sounded a little like sour grapes, but I really do think it is good. Hubby said "Its' OK". Great way to crush my spirit! And he even liked my white trash shepherds pie. I think I need to retrain him to like the french food not the WT food!
Take care, Brandie


Robin said...

LOL, WT food, you're funny!! It's true, though, but half the time, I like the WT kind the best! Nothing is more annoying than that "haute cuisine" stuff where it looks like a piece of art on the plate and you get about a tablespoon of actual food for $50, LOL!

debbie said...

That sounds good! would love to see the recipe.