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Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm Back! After a brief illness, lack of energy and BAD mood, I'm back. I caught the grumpies and didn't want to do anything, which is exactly what I did! I know that part of the grumpies came from being cooped up and not getting out of my house. I also didn't have any decorations up, so there was no cheer to be seen.
Then I rummaged through my scraps and made up some new coasters.
This helped bring in some Christmas cheer. Very simple and they used up more fabric. I love that! I'm becoming a very scrappy girl.
But the best stress reliever, my early gift. I'M MOBILE AGAIN!
Nothing fancy, just a little Ford Focus. But it runs and it goings in all the gears so I can get out of my driveway. It has a couple of problems... 1: it's white (I said "anything but another white car" 2: it's a manual, so if you see me driving around, give me a little room so that I don't roll into you.
Funny thing is, 21 years ago I learned to drive a stick while my son was a toddler in a car seat. This last weekend, my little boy re-taught me to drive a stick. Ain't that sweet?

My wish to you all, is no grumpies and no more stress during this season. I was down in the dumps and yet you still talked to me. I just love the blogging community! So keep up your spirits and Thank you all for caring. Thank you Lori for the card, it came when I needed it.
Take care (I mean it), Brandie


Lori said...

Sometimes we just need a little break from blogging and life!! I'm glad the card picked you up a little. I dont suppose it has anything to do with the cute car?! LOL

Diane H said...

Hi Brandie - Glad to your hear your feeling better. Your new car looks like a yummy big marsmallow! Hope you enjoy it - safe travels and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

debbie m said...

Brandie, Glad you're rolling again, both on the road and in blogville. Missed you! Things have been frantic here getting a vehicle for my son and his fiance' to drive it back to TX. We pick them up at the airport tonight! My tree is up and has lights...but the ornaments are still in boxes in the basement. I'm so not into this part of Christmas this year. We'll be traveling, and it will just be a mad dash from here to there and then home again to finish the work on the truck and hug my boy goodbye. I'd rather stay home, but it may be my last Christmas with Mom, so we'll go and enjoy time with family, which will be good.
Christmas Blessings to you :o)

Linda said...

Congratulations on the new car!!! Coasters are super cute! I love that your son gave you a re-lesson on driving a stick! Have fun, Brandie!!

Donna said...

Hi Brandie! So glad you're feeling better! Your coasters are adorable. And your Ford Focus is beautiful! I haven't driven anything but white cars since 1977! Wow, that's a long time! Merry Christmas to you!... Donna