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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home and Hearth

There is something so beautiful about just baked bread. The smell that radiates around the room, oh so yummy! It's so hard not to cut into that loaf while it's hot.
We all know that patience is a virtue.
I'm still using up those leftover mashed potatoes, but just so you know, they have been frozen! I have to tell you that they are the best leftovers! How many times have you had leftover and they totally change their look? Last month they were mashed potatoes and now they are turned in it lovely loafs of bread.
Each slice is soft and smooth. Makes perfect sandwiches and toast. I think this has become my favorite bread recipe, I've more or less given up on the others. I tried a sourdough starter, and well, the flavor is good but the bread was too dry. All around this recipe fits our household better.

This time of year there are very few outdoor pics that are worth taking. In our neck of the woods, there are no flowers and there are very few leaves. So not much to take a pic of. But if you get up early enough, you just might see...
My view across the street into my neighbors yard (he likes a very manicured look).
His view into my yard ( I LOVE the overgrown look). He must hate to look this way!
No really, this is my yard. My house would be to the right of this pic, but you still wouldn't be able to see it. The is a row of cedar trees the grow along the road and offer us some privacy. The ivy as you can see, has taken over. The ivy is on the fence and growing up the tree trunks.
I know many of you are probably groaning about that ivy, but I love the forest look. Have I mentioned before that I live in a very rural area? Now do you believe me?

Still working on gifts, either at the machine or the stove. I love making gifts for the people I love. I just hope they like them as much as I love to make them.
2 more days to complete our projects. Are you done? Or are you like me and procrastinating till the last moment?
Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

Your bread looks delicious! Your view looks stunning! Just beautiful. A Merry Christmas to you and your family, Brandie!

Sammy said...

Merry Christmas to you , and your loved one. Enjoy your bread, it looks lovely.I love the view. Simply divine.

Lots of hugs.

-Samya :-)

Angie said...

Oh I LOVE looking into your yard!!! And yes I bet he does hate it (the neighbor) cause I have one just like him---and I'm working and learning patience while waiting for my to become over-grown!! :D I asked Santa for a 'forest yard' for Christmas this year, but he just reminded me that 'patience is a virtue'. Bah! ;/

Your bread looks heavenly!! Would mind sharing the recipe with me when you time? I would love to try it. I have some sourdough starter on the counter right now to make a loaf as a gift. I'm always wanting to make and bake bread. :D I have to get back to the sewing room now, you know we are quickly running out of time. :)

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours.

Lori said...

I've been done. Only a few people I know appreciate hand made gifts so I only make a few of those.
I'd eat the whole loaf if that warm bread was in front of me. I have no self control with home made bread!!

Miriam said...

Everything has been the last moment here!!!

Merry Christmas Brandie!

ranette said...

Your bread looks just divine!!! I'm with Lori, I'd eat the entire loaf.

I think your yard looks like an "enchanting fairy yard". I like it!