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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Bags

Sorry I'm late today. I've been finishing up a new bag.
I've had this upholstery fabric for a couple of months and am just now getting to it. I bought it with the intention of make it into bags and this is my first. I tried really hard not to butch the fabric, but I wanted some of the flowers to be whole. I have another pattern up my sleeve for a tote.
I am in kind of a rush because I have an appointment with a local shop to sell my wares. I had taken in my leftover diaper bags and have sold some. So I wanted to bring in something different.

At the same time I bought the other fabric, I bought this one too. I had already made myself a bag out of this fabric because the colors are so me and go with almost all my clothes. But that other bag is looking good too!
I finished up the little girl quilt and because I had a bigger border, I quilted "What are girls made of?" Then I had a fancy heart stencil and used that on two sides.
The scrap quilt is just quilted in a grid. Nothing fancy, but I love the simple look of this one.
Ok, I'm off. I need to get ready and calm my nerves. These things get me all in a tizzy.
So take care and I'll be back tomorrow.


Linda said...

Love the bags. You did a beautiful job! I know they'll be flying out the doors! I so love your quilting!!! Borders look fantastic! Perfect for a little girl!

Shasta said...

Everything looks great - two bags, two quilts. You have been busy. The pink quilt is my favorite.

Lori said...

Good luck on selling your bags! I love the new one and the fabric is perfect!!
Great quilts!!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well!! Good luck and remember, you deserve this!!!

ranette said...

Wonderful bags...I hope you sell out!!!

Carrie P. said...

Catching up with what you have been up too.
Great looking bags.
Not so sure about some of those lemons. lol
I wonder if they are like some of the grape fruit I have. Hard as rock skins but inside fresh and juicy as ever.