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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a silly post

A couple of years ago I came across these cute little guys on line. At that time, my Son and I were taking a ceramics class and I was doing research. They are Carlton Walking Ware. I thought they were too cute and tried to make some of my own. As you can see, these are not them.
So I happened to be on Ebay and I found these little guys. So I bid and I won! The larger mugs I found on Etsy of all place. The big mugs are not Carlton, but I think they are just as cute!
So I have officially started my collection and hopefully I can add to this small family over time. They are a little expensive as they are an English china and most of them come from the UK. They are just so whimsical and cute, I smile every time I see them.
So have a laugh and put a smile on your face!
Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

LOL! I love them! That is going to be such a fun collection! Your family will have a new gift idea for you now!

Sharon said...

Very cute, I've not seen these before. I"ll have to keep my eyes open for them in my travels.

ranette said...

I have never seen those mugs before either....but I really do like them a lot.

Lori said...

They are adorable!!
I have a goofy primitive cup from Russia that have feet on it. Too funny!!