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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Playing with Thread

I was super excited to make some more disappearing 4-patch block. I did make 42 more yesterday. Then I cut about 20 of them up and discovered that I had sewn my 4-patches together wrong. Doesn't seem possible but that's what I did. 
To distract myself from my irritation I worked on a table runner. I won most of these fabrics in a raffle at my guild a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd throw together a quick project for the quilting practice. 
That border print fabric is super cute. I'm thinking I need to buy some more for my stash. 
Quilting practice follows the same concept as exercise. You can't just jump in, you have to train. 
For me it's been awhile, and I need to limber up those muscles and remind them how to work. 
If only I was this dedicated to real exercise as I am to quilting!
 I love when the backs look like they can stand on their own. I'm happy with it and hopefully it will be good enough for the boutique at our quilt show this November. 

Time for me to get back to those 4-patches and try to fix my blocks. Such a silly mistake! Lots of unsewing in my future. 

Take care, Brandie


Jo said...

Playing with thread... inquiring minds want to know what threads are you playing with?

Carla said...

More amazing quilting Brandie. Lovely

Brandie said...

Nothing expensive, cotton thread from Connecting Threads. I Really love their colors and they quilt up great on my Juki.