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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Extra Piecing

These silly blocks keep getting tangled which has resulted in twice the sewing. I'm sure I've had nothing to do with the tangled mess. I'm going to blame the cats. 
All I wanted was one picture without a cat on the blocks. You may think this is that one picture but what you don't see is three circling the blocks. 
In the picture below is two of the kittens impatiently waiting to lay on the blocks. 
I had all of 30 seconds before these blocks were covered in cats. 
I think fabric emits a noise like one of those silent whistles. Here kitty, kitty. 

Take care, Brandie 


paulette said...

SEW pretty...and so are the kitties!! haha

Shay said...

Theyre just giving your quilt layout a cat scan Brandie. And a cat seal of approval. And also putting their cat smell on it....

Love those gorgeous pastel colours.

Brandie said...

Haha Shay, that's pretty funny!
I'm always covered in a seal of approval!

Brandie said...

Thank you Paulette!