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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Remember this beautiful piece?
Hours after handing the finished dress over to the queen contestant, she frantically called me. 
She ripped off the delicate anitque lace. What to do?!
Besides being frustrated?


Jo said...

Absolutely heartbreaking :~(
Here is some good news that may cheer you up, black batting arrived this afternoon.

Brandie said...

Oh goody! Time to start working on my black cat hair trap.

Jean(ie) said...

How sad. Can you fashion the area on both sides to not have the lace? Hope you have extra. Bummer! said...

First cry, then fix. Sorry for the frustration. I know your pain. L

Brandie said...

It really is sad, it's heartbreaking.
She requested the lacy sleeves so I'm trying to honor her wishes.

Brandie said...

I Cried, boy did I!