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Monday, April 13, 2015

Like Riding a Bike

Some people say that even if you haven't ridden a bike in years, you'll never forget. 
I was putting that theory to work. 
All I've done lately is sew clothes. My machine hasn't touched a quilt in months. I'm almost ready to get a quilt to my machine and get started quilting it. But I wanted to make sure I still had my sewing muscles. 
Looks like I haven't forgotten too much. Truthfully this little linen (the size of a placemat) took me three days! There really isn't that much quilting but it still took me three days. 
Thinking up designs, marking them and liking them takes a really long time! Unsewing takes even longer!
But I'm happy with the outcome of this old stained linen. 
Sometimes the backs are prettier than the fronts. 
Not only was I practicing, the fireplace need some spring color. 
As much as I hate fake flowers, this fake bit of spring brightens the house and my spirits. Apparently the cats love them too. I just noticed that some of the leaves have been chewed on. Cats, gotta love them!
 25 years ago my baby girl joined our family. She grew up to be a beautiful, strong willed professional. She's still young and she has the world ahead of her. I love her and wish her the best of everything!


Grit said...

Looks wonderful

Sharon said...

Love the quilting, I too, find the design time the longest, but once I get started, things seem to tick along. Great use of an older linen. HB to your DD!

Brandie said...

Thank you very much Grit! That means a lot from you!

Brandie said...

Sharon you are blowing the illusion. I thought all you master quilters just had patterns flowing out of your fingers, no thought involved. Like going into a trance.
I think I think too hard. I should try a trance, lol.

Carla said...

Your quilting is so amazing! Happy birthday to your girlie

Jo said...

Beautiful, you definitely have cross hatch down! Cheers to you and DD!

Lori said...

Nice job on the quilting!
I'm sure your daughter loves those photos you've posted of her :)

Brandie said...

Thank you Carla! I try but I'll ne be a professional. I just try my best and copy patterns I see.

Brandie said...

Thanks Jo! I used a CD as my marking tool! Lol

Brandie said...

Thank you Lori!