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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Oops, Maybe?

My small group is working on another new project. Which I love! I love that we've been making a quilt every couple of months. 
Each of our members have been responsible for coming up with a pattern and the fabric selection. Most of the time we even use donated fabrics which is even better because these are all donated quilts. 
This month we are working on a disappearing 4 patch (?), I think. 
It looks simple enough right?
Wrong! We ended up with three different patterns and I responsible for making up one all my own. 
This picture above shows how the blocks are suppose to look. 
This picture shows mistake number one. Can you see it? It's tricky. 
These blocks are my creation. I made it up while laying out the pieces for the sewers to sew. 
Six of us were there and only one of us saw these mistakes. It took over 30 minutes for her to convince us that they were wrong. 
I was really starting to worry about her. Specially after my SILs accident and all the information I've since read about strokes. I was seriously worried, than I finally saw what she saw and understand where we went wrong. 
Than I took all those mistake blocks home and made them right, seeing as how half of them were my mistakes!
This is a floppy one of our members made. When we finish making our blocks, this is the direction we are aiming at. 

But I really liked my mistake block and thought I should make some for myself. Sew I did. 
I opened up my treasured tote of fabrics and found some pre cut squares to practice on.  
I love them! 
I think I need to make many, many more!
Do you have fabric that you've held onto for over 15 years? Are you too afraid to use it up or am I just weird?
I vow to use up that treasured fabric and make room for something else. 
And I guess that means I'm starting something new. Who cares that I've already got a new project sitting  on my desk waiting to be sewn together. 
And we will ignore that I'm pulling fabrics for yet another new project. 
And we will ignore the fact that I need to start quilting my quilt show quilt. The one that's coming up in November. 
Yup, just ignore it all and stay tuned. 
Sheba says so. 

Take care, Brandie


Lori said...

I like Sheba's advice!!

Brandie said...

There is no such thing as too many projects, right? Lol