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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What was I Thinking

#Warning, vulgar joke ahead#
Have you ever heard that joke, "Have you smelled moth balls?" You know the one with the punch line, "How'd you get your big nose between it's tiny little legs?"
This is what I feel I've been appliquéing down.
Here they are with a regular sized stick pin. That pins head isn't much smaller than these little dots.
Now a dime in comparison to my tiny dot. Really, What was I thinking?
I traced out the 7/32 circle, thinking it was the right size to not overtake my flower. Then I started to sew it down and realized how crazy it was. I should have just added a few french knots. It would have been less stitches! Those tiny dots still took over 10 stitched, or maybe that's just me.
Anyhow, I moved on to the last and finally egg. Ain't she a pretty one? A lavender lady. I'm liking this egg best of all and I'm also glad I did her last.
Which brings me back to the green egg, it's got to go! It needs to be redone. It just doesn't come up to snuff.
In fact, I started thinking maybe these eggs should be vertical?
Well, we shall see...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Take care, Brandie


Createology said...

Oh My Goodness...your eggs are divine. I cannot even fathom your tiny little applique stitching. This must be like trying to unpeel a hard boiled egg that just won't cooperate and give up its shell. Lovely creations dear...

Jean(ie) said...

You're far more patient than I am! LOL! I'd just fuse and go. LOL at your joke. It was funny!

LynCC said...

I am absolutely amazed. The dot that's sewn looks so good! How the heck did you do that???

Linda said...


Applique looks amazing. So detailed!!

Lori said...

You are crazy! I do love the idea of French knots too.

Esther said...

Wow, yep that's all I have to say about this microscopic applique, Wow

Carla said...

Aren't they gorgeous! An heirloom.