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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inside Yolk

On to the second egg. Pink this time.
The unsewn ends are where the flowers go
My second doodle went together, minus the flowers, much easier. So there's a re-think involved in the first eggs construction.
I added the flowers to the green egg. Then I ironed it. But, the curls still have puckers. I cut bias strips but I may have to go back and just cut the pieces out like regular applique.
The pink egg is dainty compared to the green egg, a re-think is in order
I also may change the first egg color. In certain lights it looks fine. But most of the time it looks washed out. So I just may change to a soft blue, or turquoise.
The last egg will be lavender, so whatever color I choice, it just needs to match and look like a dyed Easter egg.
I'm kind of excited by my doodles coming to life. Now I need to really think about what they will be when it grows up. I found an $8 frame at Michaels, and I thought I'd frame them. But now I think maybe they should be a fancy pillow? Maybe they will speak louder as they grow.

Take care, Brandie

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Lori said...

Those are so cool!! You doodled them?! Amazing!!