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Friday, January 18, 2013

Bra Update

Remember these? Those festive BRAS I was working on before Christmas?
They grew up to be a basket of fruit for my small group of quilting friends.
I made red apples, green apples, lemons and oranges.
Before I got sick, I had visions of pears, limes and strawberries. But I felt that what I did accomplish was good enough and moved on.
During construction

An apple inside

Citrus insde
One side of each fruit is a stuffed pincushion and the other side is a zipped bag to hold sewing notions. I filled mine with chocolates because it looked as if one side of the fruit had lost it's silicon implant. It wasn't a pretty sight!
So there you have it. I'm sorry to make you wait but I missed our last meeting and I didn't want my quilting friends to know what I was giving them for Christmas.
The pattern came from Oliver and S. I downloaded the PDF (boy do I need to learn how to do that!). It was fun, a little taxing at time, but then again I made 12. Of course I'd do it again and like I said, I planned on making other fruits, I just need to draw them out first and practice.

Have a lovely weekend!
Next week I have a bag of color that I can't wait to show you, all Thanks to a quilting friend!

Take care, Brandie


beaquilter said...

too cute!

sunny said...

What a cute idea! I think that finishing 12 is quite commendable. I love the picture in your header!

Barb said...

these are so cute! I love the segment stitching and the fabrics

Heather said...

Those are just adorable!

Jean(ie) said...

Those are adorable. and you added zippers too! Oooh! You're brave. Seriously. Zippers... I'm to chicken to play with those.

Dee said...

Those are really neat! I've never seen them before, but what an adorable and useful idea! Very industrious of you to make 12 of them.

Createology said...

Your bowl of fruit is wonderful. The time and detail you put into making these really speaks to your generosity to your friends. Treasures they are! Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...