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Monday, January 21, 2013

Seeing Red...

Which is a very good thing!
These beautiful red, orange, purple and pink fabrics are going to be a new adventure for me.
You may be thinking, "Those aren't her kinds of fabrics. Those look like Kaffe fabrics."
If that's what you're thinking, You'd be right. But I have a plan and I need more color and where would you go if not to Kaffe?
I just happened to mention this to a quilting buddy (Pam) on my way out of Costco and on her way in. I  mentioned that I was going shopping for red and orange Kaffe's. And that wonderful friend said, "I have a bag of leftovers that you are welcome to use."
How wonderful is that! Quilting friends are the BEST!
Thank you Pam!
So I'm now armed with a basket of color.
Do you remember that hexie of the week I was doing? If you don't that's my fault. I lost my motivation. I wasn't liking my boring color scheme. My original thought was a red and white quilt, because who doesn't love red and white quilts!?
Well this quilt just isn't working. It's flat and super boring.
But after adding a punch of Kaffe, I just bet it won't be boring anymore!
This hexies are going to have to go to the orphan block pile. Hopefully I'll find a use for them or something...

Unfortunately I've been suffering from a pulled back muscle all weekend. Its the kind where it feels as if one leg is shorter than the other and I can't stand straight up. I walk like I have osteoporosis.
It has affected my own weekend, in a bad way. So not much sewing was done.
I do feel a bit better today, I can stand straight, bending not so much. I think the days of being sick and the lack of motion have caught up to me.
Max and I try to take a walk every other day, but with the chill, we've been missing our walks for several days.
It's pretty bad when you have to work up to more than a mile. I turn around when I feel the coughing coming.
So now with the tender back, I haven't managed walking farther than the car and back into the house. I'm pathetic!
But I'm keeping a positive outlook and I'm going to get better!

Anyway, I unpicked and re-sewed my green egg. Haha, I should have just started over! I unpicked all but one piece.
But I'm happy with it now and next I'm going to frame it, I think...

So there you have it, my weekend report.
Take care, Brandie


Createology said...

So sorry you are having illness and back issues. Time for wellness and sunshine! How lovely the reds are and bright for the winter dreary days. What a wonderful gift from your friend. Healing Hugs and hoping you are better very soon. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Heather said...

The eggs turned out beautiful. I have sciatic nerve issues that cause pain standing and sitting. It comes and goes but when is comes it is the pits! Hope you feel better soon.

Miriam said...

Looking forward to seeing what you create with all that delicious fabric!

Glad to hear your back is feeling a little better.
Take care!

Jean(ie) said...

YUM! that red assortment looks delish!