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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stars Flimsy

 Yesterday I worked on the sashing for my stars. I chose a pale green as my sashing. Why? Because I spilled my green stash fabrics across my blocks and a pale striped green caught my eye. I thought it was perfect, but alas, there wasn't near enough for the sashing. So I went shopping and bought one piece of fabric, this pale green.
I added another stash fabric for the corner stones. And then the same fabric in the second to last border. It was perfect also because it has tiny stars on it just like the other fabrics.
Just look at that perfect striped green, swoon
 Since I was just making this up and not following a pattern layout, I decided that I'd break up the last border with a star in opposite corners, to complete my red centers row.
I have a hard time with random. I just can't seem to do it. I try but I'm never happy.
So with this quilt I lined my rows up on the diagonal by their center square colors. It's too late now for me to nitpick.

So now that I'm done with the flimsy, I'm going to have to go buy batting. Then it's time to sandwich and start quilting.
This quilt seemed to take less time. I wonder if it isn't because I told myself not to be in a hurry and just enjoy the progress. That seemed to take the stress off my shoulders.
No deadlines, no hurry = Fun.

Take care! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Esther said...

I really like this. I have always been a fan of stars. The green sashing is perfect. Where is your helper?

Lynette said...

So pretty! I love the sashing and the stripes on the stop-border. Very pretty outer border fabric.

Createology said...

How lovely this is looking. Funny how we put so much stress on ourselves and therefore miss out on the joy of creating. Very nice that you were able to enjoy the process of this quilt. How did you get photos without Dorian? :o)

Linda said...

Oh to live in a deadline free world... :-)

Love the green stripe in the sashing. Just adds a little dimension. Very nice.

Heather said...

Looks good, funny I actually love random and have trouble trying to set things in a more regular fashion. :-)

Barb said...

I like you attitude about no deadline and fun!
your stars look great and I really like your stripe border.
Your lattice looks perfect!

Lori said...

That seems like an unusual color choice, but it works and I like it! It's always good when we enjoy the process of making a quilt.