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Monday, November 26, 2012

Minty Stars

After a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend spent with family and friends, I'm glad to be back creating. I worked on  few things , mostly prepping for some appliqué and trying to find a few stash fabrics to make new pillows.
But most of this week has been spent cleaning up before the BIG Dinner and cleaning up after the BIG Dinner. I think it takes 3 days at my house to get all the good china and extra serving dishes put away!
And lets not talk about the leftovers! My tummy hurts just thinking about them.

Anyhow, lets look at this finish.
It needs a name, any suggestions?
During the Thanksgiving day chaos, I managed to get it outside in some good light and get a picture. I am really liking this quilt! These colors all go together wonderfully and I have surprised myself. I did have help, most of these came together in a fat-quarter packet. I just added three fabrics, so I kind of cheated. But I really like this quilt!
Since I have more of the fat-quarters left, I may make another for a gift. Maybe with a different block? I'm all about using up some stash fabrics.
I quilted "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow", "Walking in a winter wonderland","I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" and "Outside the snow is falling". These are all lyrics from Christmas songs. Each border side has it's own quilted lyric.
It finishes at 60 x 60. I'm good with that size. Now the hard part, keep it or gift it?
Here is my small bit of applique I finally finish last night. Well just this part of the applique. Next comes some berries! You all know how much I love berries.
I saw this pattern in the new Primitive magazine. I've scaled it down a bit and I may make it into a pillow or just a small quilt. We will see as I get closer. But as I sit here, I'm having a hard time with my eyes. There must be something out there that is making them itchy. This only happens a couple times during the year, but I hate it when it does. It's interfering with my day!
And today would be perfect as it's cool and the house is empty of the cat for a couple of hours. Today he has  an appointment with a big pair of clippers. Clippy, clippy!
For some reason this upsets Hubby when I say that. He also doesn't like it when I say I like the stream lined look.
He (Hubby) was so upset this morning that he was following Dorian around with the camera to take pictures of his ... lost parts. I'll spare you the pics of those!
Men, they are so silly!

Have a happy, fun, crafty day!
Take care, Brandie


Jean(ie) said...

That turned out great. I'm glad you all had a good holiday. Did everyone notice all the cool decorating projects you finished?

Createology said...

I enlarged the pics and love how you quilted the words into the borders. Brilliant. These colors are wonderful together. I do hope Dorian is healing nicely. Blissful Stitching...

Sue-Anne said...

Men are soooo sensitive when it comes to desexing male pets! Your star quilt is gorgeous and I am thinking something to do with candy canes as a name?

Barb said...

Fantastic Finish! What a lovely star quilt

Heather said...

I love how this one turned out. Such pretty colors and the striped binding is perfect!

Lori said...

What a lovely quilt!! It seems like that one went together very quickly!!

Vicki said...

Love the quilt! I haven't made one like this but want to and your choice of colors is wonderful!!

Linda said...

Stunning, Brandie!!!!!!! Bravo!!!!