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Monday, April 23, 2012


This weekend was sure warm! Told you I'd be complaining about the warm weather.
DD and I went on a shopping trip to Roseville. I was very glad to be in an air conditioned mall!
She bribed me into buying her interview outfits, right down to the shoes. That girl!
The move is still on. As of June, she will be looking for a new adventure in SLO. I'm still adjusting to this and probably will be for awhile. I swear that girl gives me white hair, seriously! I've been noticing around my temples that the color is different. Then my hair dresser confirmed it, I have white hairs! So what did I do to compensate? Had a few purple chicken feathers attached, seriously! So now I look a bit silly and feel like I'm channeling Stevie Nicks (hopefully). All the while hoping I don't look like one of those woman who is w-a-y past their prime wearing trendy teen fashions (I don't, so am I OK?). This getting old business is for the dogs! I really only feel 28 (hubby just piped up with an off color joke) but I'm having a birthday next month and it ain't my 29 th!

Anyway, I quilted a few straight-ish lines. Made more thread clipping for the birds.
I'll be mailing off this gift today. I'll show you more pictures after I know it has arrived at its new home.

So with my mind cleared of rambles, I'm off.
Happy quilting!

Take care, Brandie


Can't Stop Stitchin said...

oh my would you just look at how pretty this is... I love it, and whoever is the recipient, they are going to LOVE your quilt. and your story made me chuckle on this much needed rainy day:)

Monica said...

Getting older is the pits isn't it. But as my husband always says...its better than the alternative. With that thought in mind, I don't mind as much. I just wish I didn't have to get whites hairs that constantly remind me of it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty quilt. I've never attempted a scalloped border. Maybe one day ...

Lori said...

The quilt looks lovely and I'm sure your hair looks great too. I have a May birthday as well. When is yours? I won't be putting feathers in my hair....

gisèle said...

Votre courtepointe est rès jolie, j'ai une question
Je pique beaucoup à la main mais j'aimerais commencer à la machine. Je voit vos grand fil par la suite vous les rentrés j'imagine entre les deux épaisseur.
merci de me répondre