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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Colors

I couldn't help myself. I Should be quilting my schoolhouses, but nope, I've been playing with my color chips again.
I'm so bad, like I have ADHD or something. I got bored with the schoolhouses and pushed it aside over a month ago.
I could also be sandwiching my cousins blue quilt.
I could be doing chores. Blah

But instead I'm playing with color chips. These are so fun and sew fast. At only 24 inches, they don't take long. That may be the appeal right there.

Back to work, this is just step one.

Take care, Brandie


Anita said...

OOOOO I LOVE these colors, so much so that I just finished an Irish chain done in this almost identical colorway. So cute!

Kelli said...

Very Easter-y and pretty! I totally get your ADHD problem. I am so the same way.. halfway through something, I want to move on and start something new. If you find a cure for this condition, please share it with me. ;o)

Jo said...

Sew Easter colors, that would make a cloudy day, as today, not so dreary. ADHD gets me in trouble often, like this week! Off to play with paint chips while pulling fabrics for a class sample. Multi tasking, humm another word for ADHD !?! :0D

Lori said...

So cute! Perfect spring/Easter colors!!