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Friday, April 6, 2012

All Aboard

I may be the last one on the boat. But I think I may like some Kaffe Fasset's. It may be the exposure of my small group. It may be I'm learning to enjoy more color. Or it may be that I'm still suffering from sinus pressure and it's distorting my view point. Whatever it is, I bought these four squares from the guild meeting last night. I bought four because I really liked the pattern that these blocks make. So cross your fingers that I win!

I've also been working on a little gift. More blue! I blame this on the fact that all the fabrics were still out from my cousins quilt. I put them away today. It not that I don't like blue, I just have not rooms that blue quilts would go it. I'm still working on this little blue basket. After the scallops are completed, I may add some flowers, in yellow of course. Blue and yellow are classics together.

Also last night I picked up two more color chips. I'm so excited! This time I have a pink and yellow. Instantly I think of 30's prints. My mind is whirling with ideas.

Don't know how much quilting we all will be doing this weekend, but whatever you get to, keep the chocolate off your fabric!

Have a wonderful weekend!


debbie m said...

Shhh, don't tell MR but I just bought a stack of FQs of those fabrics. (Well he told me to have a good time when I took his car up the road for service!) I had ordered some of the milleflore from Canton Village several months ago, and added the large prints recently. Now to do something with them.
Yesterday I cut a bunch of mostly purple and green fabrics to make a signature quilt. A member of our day time bee is having a really hard time and I wanted to send her a group hug. Hope I can find someone to quilt it for me. I'm not so good and I want it to be beautiful. , and I want it NOW, lol.
Your blue basket is so nice. Love the scallops

Createology said...

Your pink and purples are singing Spring. Love the blue and white. Easter Blessings...

Jo said...

very pink and purple. Love the toes :0)
Have a great weekend

Wilma NC said...

Love the little basket. What a nice gift someone will be getting!!!

Heather said...

I wasn't a fan of Kaffe fabrics until I saw Kim McLean's quilt patterns and all the quilts being made in Kaffe on the Glorious Applique blog. So beautiful that I now have made one and have a large stash of Kaffe fabrics.

Lori said...

Love those bright colored blocks! Another blue project?! It's fantastic!!
Happy Easter.

M and M plus 3 said...

Brandie, I have my own little Kaffe stash. I participated in a swap on the HGTV quilt message boards to acquire me some, but haven't taking the plunge to use them in my applique yet. For some reason, I'm still thinking they are too busy for that yet. I do like your pieced though. Now your blue! WOW! that is stunning. Oh yeah, btw, love your dotty sock,hehehe.