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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Sign Says it All

I hope this helps identify what is on this quilt.
Now there's no excuse for these pumpkins to be mistaken. Just you wait till these pumpkins have some grooves quilted into them!

Yesterday I colored so much fondant, that I have sore wrists. Tonight is our final class and I'm so ready! My cake is in the freezer. My black roses are dried. I've made more leaves than either my Daughter or I can use.
I'm almost excited about it. Hopefully it'll turn out.
Tomorrow I'll have pictures of all the cakes. It'll be exciting!

So till tomorrow...

Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

Nope no mistaken those!! I love it!!! Just darling with all those flying geese and the pumpkin banner. Very creative!!

paulette said...

Lovely Fall Wall hanging!!Just gorgeous!! And good luck with the cake decorating!! That is something that I would love to dabble with too!!

Anita said...

Adorable! I'm excited to see your cake

Jean said...

So the cake matches the raven? Awesome! Love the pumpkins!

Lori said...

The cakes sound terrific!!

Love the pumpkin wall hanging. Perfect for fall!