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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Bees Knees

Well... I didn't do anything yesterday. I was having one of those grumpy days. I was fine, till I had some milk. Oh the life of a lactose intolerant tummy! Because my tummy didn't like the milk (lactose free), it gave me a tummy ache and than just made me grumpy! So I sat and read and grumped. Poor PugsLee got the worse of it. Poor girl, I've since apologize to her, several times. She still loves me, thank goodness!
So because I was a grumpy slacker, I have nothing quilty, but I can still try to entertain you.
A couple weeks back, I meet my new nephew Cameron. Is there anything cuter than baby feet?!
(ignore the big ugly one and just soak up all that cuteness, right up to those precious knees)
Speaking of knees...
I have a picture of the bees knees.
Ok, so maybe it's just a healed branch, but it looks like a bee knee.
It could be the bee (right side, next to the fresh blooms) in this picture. As you can see, I actually did get some foxgloves to grow. I almost didn't, but the next generation came up and bloomed. This makes me Happy!
Today I'm going to surround myself with happy things. No more grumpies and no more milk!
I can't promise that I'll get any quilting done but I'll be happy anyway.
Tonight is Guild night and I have a pile of things to remember to bring and so many errands, I doubt I'll be sitting much today.
So I'm off till tomorrow.
Take care, Brandie


M and M plus 3 said...

I'm off to a guild meeting tonight as well. Hope you have a better day today!

Anita said...

How sad that Lactose free milk disagreed with you. I'm intolerant as well, but would be lost with out my free milk for capt'n crunch with crunch berries.
It's not slacking, it's just taking a personal health day. Love the baby feet and bees knees. :) Hope your day is much much better.

Linda said...

Grumpy days are ok to have. Everyone needs one now and again! LOL! Hope you are feeling better.

Little feet are so sweet!!