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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Button Hoarding

Grandmother's hoarding has saved me again. If it wasn't for this jar of buttons, I wouldn't have finish the stack of pumpkins. Thank you Grandma!
I have 10 of these jars, it all colors. I don't think I'll ever buy another button in my life. I've added the few I had to Grandmother's stash and I've haven't made a dent in the 5 years I've had them. Guess I'll have to try harder.

Here is the finished quilt. Not too big. around 34 x 40. But I think this would look even cuter scaled down to a long skinny wall hanging.
Warning! When ironing, don't reach around the it!
This is my right forearm. It's a funny angle because I took the picture myself (badly). It's only now starting to bother me. It was days ago, but now it burns to touch water or anything else. And because it's at my waist, I seem to rub it on everything!
So the moral of this story, don't be a dummy!

You all know how much I love flying geese. You are probably tired of seeing them, but I'm not, so bear with me.
Don't you just love scraps! If it wasn't for my scrap boxes, I'd have really boring geese. These were all made with scraps, some more scrappy than others. Love it!
Also do you see the buttons? Aren't they too cute! I found as many tiny buttons as I could and I still have leftovers. They are all kinds. some more maroon, some shiny, an orange one and even a baby button.
I'm not too happy with the sign, so I may rework it. I like the look, but the size isn't right. But it needs to stay, to identify these gorgeous fruits.
If Hubby was a prankster, I wouldn't be surprised to wake up and find the sign changed to Granny Panties. Thank Goodness he knows better than to cut into my fabrics!

Have a Beautiful Fall Thursday. Surround yourself with Happy people, Happy thoughts and Happy things. Go enjoy a pumpkin latte and stay cool. This is my list for today, thought I'd share.

Take care, Brandie


Jean said...

Oh, look at that those are buttons! You're so clever! Granny panties.... that made me giggle!

paulette said...

Yup...thank goodness for Grandma's buttons and your scrap box!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy!!

Marsha said...

I have a matching burn on my right forearm. The quilt is cute. Pattern maybe?

Linda said...

LOVE the quilting on your sweet pumpkin wall hanging!!! I just love how it all turned out!

Ouch!! That's quite the burn!

sunny said...

Your granny panties turned out so cute! I have the matching burn on my arm, too. Just one of the hazards.... Hope it feels better soon.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

That turned out just as cute as can be Brandie! Love it! Does hubby still see bums now? LOL
Have a happy day!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Ah! I think you need some aloe vera asap! Darling quilt Brandie! Great quilting too.

Carrie P. said...

And I see some really great buttons in that jar. Nope I think you are good on buttons if you have 10 of those jars. Great collection and great wall hanging. The quilting is fabulous.

Anita said...

Brandie this is so adorable! I'm sorry you burned yourself, hate it when that happens. You've got me thinking about buttons now, my mother had a button box, I wonder what happened to it.

Stephanie said...

Oooo I love your pumpkin quilt. Great colors and lovely quilting. Now I want some pumpkin scones and tea.

M and M plus 3 said...

OUCH! Hope your healing! You've created yet another great work of art! So did you rework your sign?