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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reason for my absence

I know, you are probably tired of seeing dog pics, but this one is too cute. Little Maximus in PugsLee's bed, actually looking well behaved. He is a little rocket. He runs from here to there and then he is suddenly in your face licking up your nose-holes! And poor PugsLee can't take a nap without fear that this little rascal will jump on her and pull her tail. For a 11 year old dog, she is doing quite well to keep up with Max. They run around and around the coffee table, till she start coughing too much and then we have to put Max in a timeout. Then he's back for more and it starts all over again. He is learning from PugsLee though. He has learned to follow her to the door to be let out and he always goes potty at the same time, because he has learned that there is a treat after going! So less accidents at grandma's.

And speaking of accidents, I had to take a break for this reason. I was too emotional and wasn't looking for sympathy, just time to deal with the after math.
On the 13 of November, my Daughter had an accident coming to meet us for her Brother's birthday dinner. She was just leaving the twins after spending the weekend babysitting. She had just called to tell us she was leaving. Then 15 minutes later she called again and I could hear it in her voice that something was wrong.
The car in front of her had stop suddenly to look at an accident beside them and she stomped on her brakes, the brakes locked and she slid right into the rear bumper of the car in front of her. Because that car was a bigger car, they were able to drive away. She had to be towed and rescued. She was alright, except for a sprained wrist, which we had to get a splint for.
My entire drive to rescue her was a prayer of Thanksgiving...Well, you know. Sorry, getting emotional again.
I'm ever so Thankful that I still have her and that no one was hurt, her wrist will heal with time.

So she begged rides from co-workers for a couple of weeks, then regained her courage to drive again and borrowed my car. She left after spending another weekend with us and drove my car home, then drove to work. Then went out to drive to lunch.
She called me crying that she broke my car. Apparently, my clunker, which she has driven many times, decided that it was time for the steering column to go out. So my boys had to mickey mouse with it to get it home and here I still sit! I couldn't leave unless someone pushes me and the car out of the driveway! Hey but the key is still in it, so I hoping someone will steal it!

So on Black Friday, we all drove about 3 hours away for my Daughter to purchase a newer car.
And here she is. Isn't this a beauty? Wait...there's more to the story.
So after driving this pretty little car home, at least another 3 hours, we all stopped in at the house for left-overs. 2 hours later, Hubby and Daughter went back out to drive around ... and... the check engine light came on...and they could only drive 4 miles pre-hour.
Soooo, we parked the thing, called the Honda dealership and asked what to do. They said "sometimes when they detail the car, they blow water in the spark-plugs and that will cause these problems". Hubby went out to check them and to dry them off, nothing changed. Good thing she has a certified warranty! So she spend another night and we thought we'd try agin in the morning.
Nothing changed. Here was her beautiful new car, just sitting there unable to keep the engine turned on. Long story short, it spent the weekend doing nothing.
Monday morning we had it towed to the localish dealership. Guess what they said? "You have a latch on your air filter and it wasn't attached, so we latched it up and you're good to go".
I'm hoping this is the end, as I'm sure you are!
Cross your fingers that I'm next in the car lottery!
Take care, Brandie


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

oh my. Life is hard sometimes. These things happen to everyone. I hate that.

Lori said...

The end! Amen! I hope!

Miriam said...

Oh dear!!!
I am glad your daughter was not badly hurt!
Love her new car.

I hope your car is back on the road soon too!

Robin said...

OMG, I HATE CARS!!! For that exact reason - there is just always something!!!

SO glad your daughter is okay!! I'll email you some pics of my husband's truck after his accident and that will make you feel better. Thankfully, he was okay, too! Banged up, but okay.

debbie said...

Oh My! Glad she is well and her car situations are solved. HOpe yours are soon!
We made arrangements for the boy and fiance to fly in from TX for Christmas and drive back in a little ford ranger we don't drive often (so we're giving it to them) The following week the odometer went out...go figure. It's old enough that the part is obsolete, so we're sending it to be repaired, and if it's back MR will reinstall it Friday. It seems that when there is a true purpose for a vehicle something pops up.

ranette said...

So glad that your daughter is fine...her guardian Angel was doing her job, thank you Lord!