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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Honey Run Covered Bridge

This weekend we went to a craft fair in a small neighboring town. This is a very rural area that I live in and I couldn't be happier to share some of our historical spots with you all. This wooden bridge, being one of them. In the background of the bridge, you can see the bluffs above it. This bridge is no longer used for traffic but some of it's new uses are even better.
They held the craft fair inside the bridge. I think it looks amazing as a store. I also think that the atmosphere helped to make everything look better and hopefully made people buy more.
I did my share! I went with $60 and I spent it all! I was greedy and spent it all on me. I know, I know, I should have been thinking about Christmas but I was selfish.
The only thing I'd change, those ugly orange plastic fences. I know they put them out there for peoples safety, but they sure are ugly!
One of my quilt guild friend made this cobalt ornament. We all know how much I love glass cobalt. So I had to add this to my collection.
I also HAD to come home with this faucet soup dish. How cute it that!? And I had to buy the licorice soap, it smelled soooo good!
And who couldn't use another mixing bowl? I guess me. I loved the red glaze and the workman ship is excellent. The lady who made this bowl, really knows her stuff.
It was a beautiful day before our rain storm and I got to connect to some local artists. Now if I only had more money...
I'm going to try to get some sewing done today, but my hands! Oh I'm so frustrated! If I only knew what to do to keep them from hurting, without giving up hand sewing. My hands seem to be aging before their time. The rest of me is OK, just my hands are complaining. Oh well.
Take care, Brandie


ranette said...

Wonderful setting for a craft fair...very picturesque. I like all of the goodies that came home with you, especially the red mixing bowl.

My hands give me a hard time too. Do you always wear gloves when using chemicals like for cleaning? I find that it helps to do that, but then I'm chemically sensitive I guess.

Lori said...

I love covered bridges!! It looks like some fun purchases you made. I very rarely ever find gifts but always manage to find something I have to have!!

Anonymous said...

I love love love that soap dish! And Licorice soap? wow

Lee said...

Thanks for the pictures - love the covered bridge - and all your purchases - how fun!
Keep those hands warm - out of chemicals when you clean and use some Biofreeze. It really helps!