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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Few Stitches

I've been doing very little sewing. No , I mean a little sewing on little things. I need to complete my "Brown Bag Challenge". It would be pretty bad to have the head of the project not complete her own quilt. I would be very embarrassed! The biggest problem is getting what's in my head, down on the fabric.
For the last two weeks, my machine has been sitting here doing nothing, till I sewed up this teeny-tiny apron. Appliquéing doesn't seem to hurt my hands as much as hand quilting, so the table runner is on the back burner. This little quilt still needs embellishment and quilting before it is entirely complete and I only have a couple of weeks till it's due. Shame on me for procrastinating!
I also worked on this part. I had left it laying on my sewing table this weekend. When Bridgette showed up, she happened to see this and she screamed and yelled " What Are You Doing?!". We all jumped and tried to get her to settle down, asking her what she was talking about (she ever scared her little puppy).
She held up this block and demanded to know (redheads have quite the attitude!) "How old are you? What's next? A quilted outfit? I didn't expect a CAT quilt till you were at least 60. This is too much!" Of course we were all laughing. Thank goodness Hubby intervened and told her it was just one block and that I haven't made and quilted clothes and that the closest I got was her "Red Queen" costume. Hehehehe, that shut her up!
So I'm not sure if my DD has something against cats or if she is embarrassed of me and my quilting or if she just has high standards of me. I'll go with the latter. So no more cats quilts and I'm going to shy away from the quilted vests for a couple of years.
Take care, Brandie

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Funny. Funny. This looks very exciting. Love it so far.