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Friday, October 30, 2009

What have I been doing lately?

This was something I put together several years ago with the intention of adding some applique. Well that never happened. So a friend of mine asked if I had anything that could be used for a raffle to rise money for the school my kids use to go to. I looked through my unfinished box and this is what I found. So sandwich it, do some fanc-ish stitching and call it done. I feel so productive to finish something so fast.
Speaking of feeling productive, I have made pears from ALL scrap fabric, even the backgrounds. This feels even better. I have been very wasteful. I would just buy fabric, with no plan. Well now I am trying to use up my stash and those boxes of scraps. If it doesn't fit on my shelves or in my boxes, I don't need it. That's something I'm trying to learn. So now I have more room in my boxes, so I guess that means I can buy more fabric.

About 18 pears done. Can you tell whats missing?

How about now?

Still missing, but I haven't found that perfect...........Stem. My husband and I have been disagreeing about whether or not they need stems. I think they do, he thinks it's more artistic without them. Well I am still a very traditional quilter and I always feel art should look like what it is. But many years down the road, I could change my mind and become one of those artsy quilters who glues every thing together.

Just a preview, maybe this is what it will look like when it's done. Though I would add sashing. Last night I found a beautiful batik that looks like it will be a great border. So take care ,
Talk soon, Brandie

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