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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More from the Quilt Show

The quilt above, is made by my friend Jozette. This quilt was a viewer favorite. There is no tag on it yet, so I can't remember what it won. Beautiful! Someday I hope to be in the same league.
She was one of my first teachers. She taught me how to make a woven basket filled with fruit. Some of the fruit is stuffed to cover the woven fabric. It is still not quilted, but someday. I have to think up the perfect quilting technique to do it justice.

These next 3, are the quilts I had at the show. This first one was modifed from a picture in Better Homes and Garden Quilts. I wanted it to fit on a bed.

This one is a copy of my front door. A couple of years ago, my son and I took a stained glass class. I made panels for my antique door. Loving my door so much, I decided I should make a quilt. Than I thought it should be my signature. I'm planning to make tea towels and hand towels for the bathroom. I used the same technique Jozette taught me, to weave the stem.
This quilt is my version of "Rose Abunda" from A Dozen Roses by Rounds and Comyns. If you know this book, look it up. My husband named this quilt "Sunny Side Up". he sees eggs in my flowers. My goal was to make an antique looking quilt. I wanted it to look as if it had been washed 100's of times. I think I met my goal.
These last to quilts are my friend Nancy's. Almost looks like she was inspired by eggs herself. Or maybe olives. The small pieces of purple, Blue and plum really set off the greens.

Thanks to my small group for allowing me to show their quilts. Thank You Ladies!

We'll talk later, Brandie


Messy Karen said...

your 3 quilts in the show are gorgeous. contact me or add your email to your profile so i can respond to your inquiry. thanks.

Lori said...

Your quilts are beautiful and I especially love the one from BH&G. You are on no reply so I couldn't comment directly from my blog. I live basically in the middle of nowhere and had to drive 2 1/2 hours for the quilt show. It seems everything is far away...except for the Sisters Outdoor show.