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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Something New and Blue

After I finished the "Bald Porcupine" I was still feeling like I needed to sew. 
Than I spied two fabrics on my "need to sort" pile. I really liked these two fabrics together and my mind started thinking up ideas. 
I finally settled on the "Nestled Churn Dash" pattern that has been spread through the blog world like a virus. 
Just like a virus I tried to avoid it but it took hold and I feel under it power. 
I added a few scraps and set to work. Cutting and sewing, boy did it feel good! I needed this purge! 
But than I realized those little blue diamonds in my "background" go in every direction. Did it bother me? Yes! 
Am I being OCD about? Probably
These centers are only 4 1/2 inches as you see here. From a slight distance you can't tell that those blue diamonds are wonky. (I hope!)
So I'm keeping them as they are and I'm going to ignore the voices in my head. 
After construction these four little cuties, I  came to the conclusion that I did them wrong, according to my own notes. If I'm going to use an alternate red, blue color scheme and I want that red in the first picture to be the outside churn dash, well that means those cuties above are wrong. Darn! They were so cute! 
So back to the cutting table and here are the corrected one. But which middle do I like best? I just can't decide. Maybe I should use both?
No worries about those first three, I think they may make a beautiful corner stones. Or if that fails, they can go on the back!

Enjoy your day!
Take care, Brandie


Phyllis said...

Go with the red centers. Haven't started these yet, too much else with deadlines. said...

I think I like the red churn. If you use the blue I would also go with the red centers. D.G. L

Shay said...

I like all of them ! Churn dash is such a versatile pattern .

Jo said...

Tough choice, both make beautiful Churn Dashes but I do favor the red. They would make great corners as well. Don't listen to those voices, go with what feels good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brandie: I love your "wonky" background! Thank you for not making all the diamonds go in the same direction:)

Carla said...

I still haven't fallen 'ill' but I do like the blocks a lot. Have fun!

Jean(ie) said...