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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bald Porcupine

A whole week (or more) went by without my hands touching a sewing machine or thread. 
Maybe it was the heat? Maybe it was just the distraction of 19 cats? 
Whatever it was I hope I'm back on track or have a routine that gives me a craft release. 

So anyhow, I did finish up a project. And if course I had to iron it and the backing on a pretty hot day, Murphy's Law!
I detest ironing on a cool day. I would rather throw it in the dryer or go wrinkly but this isn't my quilt. This quilt will be gifted to someone so I had to do things correctly. 
If only I had pressed those rows when I was done instead of waiting till I quilted it. 
After all that pressing, I sandwiched it. All while being watched over by furry babies. There may be a few cat hairs in the batting but that will just make the quilt softer, right?
Simple straight line quilting. This was a beast to move under the needle! It would have been easier with straight rows but I had to pick a diamond shape and twist the quilt with every new angle.
But no more complaining because its done!
And only I know how may points were lost in the seams of this quilt. How bald the porcupine quilt really is. 
Being up close and personal while quilting sure doesn't  elevate my sewing self-esteem. 
Then I look at this picture and think, it's not too bad. 
So there is my weekend finish. 
P.S.  I machine stitched the binding to keep myself from sweating anymore than I had to. We are in a drought situation here in California!

After this finish I rewarded myself with a new project. I cut up a few fabrics. Used up a few scraps. Sewed a whole bobbins worth of thread. It felt good! 

Take care, Brandie
(I promise I'll be back soon!)


Shay said...

I think when we're working on something we see every single mistake we make, but if you sit back and look at it from a distance when it's done you dont notice them much - and other people never do !

It's adorable- a really fabulous finish ( and I didn't see a single mistake!)

Jo said...

I don't see a single mistake from here, this is a beauty! Congrats on a finish! Yes fur adds loft and insulation too :0) said...

Hope it rains for you soon, too bad I can't box ours up and send it out there.
The quilt is stunning! Something to keep in mind: One does not see any mistakes driving by the house peeking in the window driving 60mph!

Carrie P. said...

WOW! the quilt is so neat. I think the straight line quilting is perfect for it.
I like the churn dash. I have been seeing a lot of them on other blogs. It is a cute pattern.