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Monday, July 28, 2014

Four Equals One

I ended the weekend by finishing all four nestled churn dashes and  connected them as one. 
As I look at the picture, I'm still undecided about those blue centers. I thought I liked them but now I'm thinking they need to be replaced with the red. That will give me something to do today, along with adding borders. 
I appliquéd one of my mistakes down to the middle. I need to make one more wrong block and then add them all around the border. 

Leela has been getting use to her new home. She's a bit shy but I would be too after her horrific adventure. We are positive that she use to be a house cat. Most of the day she hides under the aquarium but she comes running when she hears food hit her bowl. We stopped giving her the expensive moist food. She feels more plump and her coat is looking and feeling great too. Now she just gets the expensive dry food from the vet, which I need to replace with something just as good but less expensive. 
She has some crazy fur. All different lengths, all different colors. I call her a beauty school dropout model. 
I'm hoping to have a bit of "normal" from here on out. Taking care of all these cats cuts into my creative time. Of course having 8 cats in the house alone will probably decrease my sewing space too! I think of the three blind mice song and imagine I will accidentally cut off a kitty tail at some point. Or rock over a tail in the rocking chair. So far the only one to sustain injury is me. My legs and hands have kitty love scratches. They are learning to soft paw but I sometimes get in the way of their playful attacks on each other. It doesn't stop me from loving them!

Wishing you a happy Monday!
Take care, Brandie


Janet said...

So you're keeping her ... I'm so glad. She getting along with your others? With cats, the only difference is between one and two ... other than the size of the vet bills, there's no real difference between 2 and 3, or 3 and 4, and so on (says the mom of 4 cats and 2 dogs) ...

Carla said...

That poor cat. She looks a little rough. I ,ove your name for her --beauty school dropout. Cute. I hope you get some nice homes for them.

Jean(ie) said...

awwwwww. what a cutie.