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Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Stitches

I'm loving how this block is coming along! But I love the look of berries so I'm an easy sell. The poison green and madder red are working very well together. And I had to add a few cheddar berries, I just had to! After todays chores I'll find another movie (listen to) and finish stitching this block. 
Is anyone else still working on their Soup├žon quilts? 
I left off at the third part and just got back to finishing them up. 
For this block I was thrilled to find these four patches in my scrap box. I think it finishes it up quite well. It will make a cute  kids quilt. 
I also worked on this block but only managed to get to part four. I ran out of my next border and haven't found the time to pick more up. That's one of today's chores. 
This a fun block and they all look so different! Some of the other blocks give me serious fabric envy! 

Time for work! The cats are calling and it's time to play. 
Take care, Brandie


Jean(ie) said...

Loving the berries. They make me smile.

Createology said...

Your hands are never idle. You are stitching on fabric all the time. Creative Sewing Bliss...

Sharon said...

LOVE your applique project. Is this your own design? or a pattern. And yes to the cheddar cherries, a nice touch.

Jo said...

Your jaw dropping applique is to die for AND that piecing is looking pretty darn awesome! Well done

Esther said...

You always amaze me with your applique skills. And, I love the cheddar berries