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Monday, April 28, 2014

Gold Nugget Dresses

Happy Monday to you! How many of you have sewing plans today? I know I do! I have been quilting up my signature roses. If all goes well (my back) I'm hoping to have this quilt done today or tomorrow, well just soon.

This weekend was the local hick tradition of Gold Nugget Days. We actually started the weekend on Thursday crowning the queen but I couldn't get all the pictures I wanted and I knew that this weekend I could plus there would be much better light.
So here we go with a dress show!
Starting off is my dress with Lexi in it! No more mannequin pictures for you all!
She was escorted by her friend Kelly and I think they are so cute together! Added plus, they had fun.
Another fabulous green dress. I loved the yellow ribbons and the detail that went into them.
This dress was my tiny cousins favorite. She thought this was Cinderella.
One of my favorite outfits. It's a riding costume. The stripe fabric was wonderfully executed.
One of the runners up and her escort.
My personal favorite! This dress was wonderful! Her Grandmother made it and she did a great job.
Another runner up.
And another.
And this is 2014 Miss Gold Nugget Queen. My Husbands little cousin. This is a first in our family. Years ago her mother placed, her aunt placed, 2 other cousins ran but this is our first winner.
The Queen and her entourage.
Showing a bit of bloomer.
Just the ladies.
Every time I do this I learn more. Every year I'm blown away by the talent. It may be a hick tradition but I enjoyed my tiny part in it and dare I say I might want to do it again?

Tomorrow I'll be back to show you what I've been working on. These fingers may not have been typing but they have been busy sewing!

Take care, Brandie


Heather said...

Wow, that is just such fun. All the dresses were lovely, such wonderful attention to detail. Your dress was a standout to me!

Jean(ie) said...

I liked your dress best... Loved the front button detail. Then I liked the red plaid one. Yay! How fun to see the costumes!

Barb said...

Beautiful gowns! They are all lovely - and Lexi looks great in her dress!

Jo said...

Wow. every time I saw the news coverage over the weekend I kept looking for your dress! Judging is so subjective, just like quilts! The 'Queen' dress should be on a window, but that's just me, too many Austrian valances in my past!!!
I do appreciate how they look at the history, emphasis and provenance of each dress. There were allot of entries! My favorite are the Mustangs, oops, different category! Grin!!!

Createology said...

How fun to see all these photos. Lexi looks wonderful in that amazing dress you created. Well Done Brandi. Continue your home town traditions dear...

Carla said...

My goodness they're beautiful! Hard to choose a favourite

Teri said...

Your dress came out beautiful....what a lot of work with all the girls dresses.....every one of the girls looked looked like a really fun day......

Teri said...

Your dress came out beautiful....what a lot of work with all the girls
dresses.....every one of the girls looked looked like a
really fun day......

Esther said...

Amazing dresses, talent and ladies wearing them. Your dress was beautiful

Shay said...

Sometimes I wish I had lived back in the "olden" days so I could get to wear beautiful gowns like these. They are absolutely stunning!

Dee said...

It looks like a fun tradition! And the gowns are all beautiful. Do you have to sew a new one each year?