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Monday, April 18, 2011

Wonder-full Weekend

Saturday was a gorgeous day. There was the sun in the sky and the air was warm. It was nice enough to even do some weeding and pruning of overgrown ivy. Gorgeous! I planted a new Japanese maple, some apple mint and a mouse plant. What's a mouse plant? A leafy plant with a strange flower that is brown and white that looks like a mouse tail. Strange but it was a shady plant and I always need new varieties of those. All these plants came from Farmer's Market. I just love going there, you never know what you'll find!
Another one of my obsessions is Wonder Woman. You all knew that right? Looky what Hubby found me! He loves to go into Ross while I don't, and he always finds great things. This time he found some Wonder-full things, and just for me!
Who knew that there were Wonder Woman glasses? Am I going to use them? Only if he finds me another set and if those boys keep their mitts off!
The DVDs came from Costco. Can you see the price? $14.99 a season! A couple of years ago I had bought the first season for at least twice that. Now I own the entire set and can relive my childhood. I loved that show! I would make myself dizzy spinning around. Of course nothing happened but an 8 year old could sure wish that it would!
Today, I'm still obsessed. I now drive Wonder Woman's invisible car (it better be invisible, cause it's illegal to not have a front plate in California. But it's so cool!)

Another good thing happened this weekend. I received an unexpected package. Awhile back, Lois asked for some scraps. I sent some off without hesitation! Then along came this goody box filled with more Wonderful things. Can you see the thread? Lois has been talking about it on her blog. She had my undivided attention with her purchases. Which made me want some of that thread. Before I could locate any, I received a spool from her! Now I can test this thread and see if I need to buy more, starting a new obsession.
OH, and I did some more construction and built 8 schoolhouses this weekend. That means 8 more to go. Than on to the making them into a quilt.
I am getting excited about the layout and how the quilt will look in the end. I had the blocks on the bed again and Hubby came in to admire them. This quilt appeals to him. After showing him my ideas for the sashing, we came to one conclusion, plain is better. There are a lot of reds and patterns going on, so I need to tone it down a little and make it more cohesive with a plain red.
So the next step is to trim them all up and start cutting some sashing.
Back to the work site...

Take care, Brandie


Sharon said...

I LOVE your houses. Great way for a controlled scrappy piece. The plaid roof is perfect!

Linda said...

I had no idea you loved Wonder Woman!!! You scored some sweet glasses!! Love the license plate!! :-)

You scored some other goodies too!!! Wow! Houses are looking great!

Anonymous said...

OH, so cute! Love your houses. Lizzie

Lori said...

What a fun collection. I collect Pinocchio! LOL

Your houses are perfect! I lvoe them!!

Carrie P. said...

Glad you had a great weekend. I remember the wonder woman show too.