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Friday, April 1, 2011


I feel like I had a brown day yesterday. All I worked on was brown. the only variation, was the black thread I used on these.
Oh, what are they? These are flying monkey wings. Gosh, I thought it was obvious!
Gail's school is doing "the wizard of oz" and I offered to help and this is what I got. I'd rather make the wings then to have those flying monkeys after me!

I also worked on the escorts vest. Every "queen" needs an escort and they look better if they all match (and maybe to stake their claim. More gold mining humor!).
The rest is all finished but for one small detail, buttonholes! Yeah I'm putting them off. I hate buttonholes. They need to be perfect because they are right out in the open and mine are never perfect. So I procrastinate.
These buttons (above) are made from deer antlers. If they were an different color, I think these would be great. In my opinion, they would be something they would have used in the 1860's.
How about these carved wooden buttons? These are in number 1 position.
These aren't so bad. They look a little more machined than the last set, so number 2 position.
I found a little silver buckle that look a little western and not so feminine.
My plans today are to try to do those buttonholes and make a decision on buttons.
We are to have sunny skies all weekend so I probably won't get any sewing done. I plan on soaking up some sun, starting with the Farmers Market tomorrow and anything else I can find outdoors.
Have an equally exciting weekend!
Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

Monkey wings are great!! I thought they looked like wings! LOL!

I like the first buttons and the third set best!! First ones show up more, I think.

Emily said...

Those monkey wings are great! How did you make them? Our school is doing the Wizard of Oz this spring :)

Emily said...

Those monkey wings are amazing! How did you make them? Our school is doing Wizard of Oz this spring :)

Heidi Meier said...

Love the monkey wings - what fabric did you use and how did you affix the wings? Love any suggestions you can give me.