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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pleats A-Plenty

I hope I haven't received an omen that today is going to be one of those days.
I was in the middle of reading my e-mails this morning, when my cute wireless mouse stopped working. I sat here trying to make the keyboard substitute the mouse, without success.
I then went to the drawer where we kept all the batteries and guess what? Yep, all the double AA were gone. Not just the batteries, the whole box. KIDS! And Husbands!
Of course no one tells Mom and of course Mom is the one in need!
So my next course of action is to find anything, I mean ANYTHING that uses double AA. I have cannibalized 3 old remotes, only the last ones batteries are strong enough to work. Three remotes! This is getting ridiculous! One, why do we have so many unused remotes and Two, where else do we use double AA?!
You aren't going to believe this. My cute little wireless Mac keyboard just gave me a "no connection" warning! arrrggghhhh! I hope I can post this! I'm out of batteries!

Ok, quickly, Yesterday I was a bit ambitious. I wanted to believe my back felt better, but in reality, 30 minutes after posting, I had to take some Advils. Than I could only walk a mile instead of our usual three.
But I did manage one more thing. Sewing on the pleats. It took all day, with many rests in between, but here they are. Aren't they fabulous?
I do need to make about a yard more, which means , 2 yards more. But I'll have to wait to feel like doing that.
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten that you want to see the "queen" in her dress. The time is fast approaching for the festivities. The end of the month and she will be sick to death of all this of this dress. She will be required to wear this dress for 4 days straight. If she wins the contest, we can only guess how many times she will have to wear this around. That means visiting schools, nursing homes, interviews, pictures, grand opening and of course, next years festivities.
So before I lose all power, I must go, to buy batteries!
Take care, Brandie


Anita said...

That reminds me, we need AA batteries. :) All those pleats. *whew* It's looking great though. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know all about throwing your back out, it's no fun.

debbie said...

I use rechargables. I'm only down for about 15 minutes when that happens. Of course it took me for ever reading mouse boxes to find one that accepts rechargables. What's the big deal?

Your pleats are lovely, now go take care of your back!

Lynn said...

Yes Brandie, your pleats are fabulous! You are quite the seamstress. I can't wait to see "the queen" wearing your beautiful gown.

Linda said...

Pleats look perfect. I really cannot wait to see the queen in all her glory!

ranette said...

Perfect pleats....amazing! Hope that your back continues to heal.

Lori said...

I hope your day improved!!

Perfect pleats! I hope Queenie is happy with it.