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Friday, April 8, 2011

Murphy's Law

Yesterday we had a surprise. Here the weather has been spring like and welcome. Then out of the blue (clouds) came a surprise snow storm. Don't believe me? Here is picture evidence.
I was sitting in my car watching the snow and hail pelt the ground. You know what caused it?
I painted my toenails and was wearing sandals!
Isn't that Murphy's Law?

Do you have help doing the chores at home? I do...
I left a basket to fold in the living room, went back to start another load of laundry and this is what I found. A helper in my clean clothes.
They aren't even warm. You see, my most hated chore is folding laundry. I will put it off till I HAVE it fold it for lack of room. Yesterday was that day, there was no more room in the laundry room for piles of clean laundry.
PugsLee has never done this before. Sure she'll roll and rub herself on anything that falls out of the basket, but in her 11 years, she has never gotten into a basket.
She didn't leave for over an hour. So lucky me I had to fold all those jeans after I had been done with the rest for quite a while. I'm so lucky to have help!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Till next week, Brandie


Wilma NC said...

Your toenails are cute!

Sue-Anne said...

PugsLee looks like she is having a wonderful time in the basket.

Carrie P. said...

PugsLee was just trying to stay warm with all that hail. She was trying to make a nest.