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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pincushion Fingers

Oh my poor fingers! I have poked them over and over again. 16 hooks and 16 eyes later, I believe I'm done. Want to see? (Please ignore Antoinette"s under garments, she just needed a little more padding)
The neck line has been finished. A bit of lace and more piping.
The sleeves are buttoned in to the outer sleeves, minus the buttonholes. I feel that I don't need to bother with putting in buttonholes, because no one is going to take the sleeves out.
The lining is all finished and nicely hides all the seams and all the ugly parts (boning) that no one needs to see.
The cotton bodice fabric was layered with a heavy denim to keep it's shape. Then lined with everyday muslin. The bodice has a nice weight to it and it stiff enough to stay in place on the body.
The front of the bodice and it's nice point. This took the most time, just to get it right.
This has taken me more time than I realized and I'm wanting to start something new.
Would you start something new if you had a pile of UFOs?

How do you get your quilting mojo back? I'm in a quilting funk and don't feel like myself...
Any advice is welcome.

Take care, Brandie


Linda said...

Looks like you have mojo to me!! The photos are stunning. Honestly it looks as if it could be a costume on a set of film or hanging in a museum!!! Your work is amazing.

Nice bra.

debbie said...

Under every serious dress should be a sassy bra! You have outdone yourself! I am in awe of your Mad sewing skills!

ranette said...

I'm amazed at your talent Brandie! Very nice work.