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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is it Spring?

This weekend there was 22 feet of snow reported in Donners Pass. This is what 22 feet of snow on an interstate look like. Yuck! With snow this high, it's easy to see how the tragedy in history happened. If you don't know your California history, click the link and be surprised by what you'll learn.
This happened 2 and 1/2 hours away from me. And here I was complaining about the rain. Shame on me!
On the sewing front...
Remember these antique blocks? I finally got them quilted. That's one from the UFO basket. Now I'll have one more for a future granddaughter. I feel a bit better about myself now. I'm going to blame the rain for my lack of production.
Yesterday we had a little sunshine! Hurray! That little bit helped. They say we are to have more today, but I don't see any, but I not going to complain!
Time for some housework and maybe a few more SH blocks.
Take care, Brandie


Diane H said...

Okay, I promise not to complain about snow anymore! That is unbelievable. Your 'new' antique quilt looks great - what a treasure.

debbie said...

Nice job on the antique quilt blocks. I'm sure they are happy to finally be a quilt.
Weather has been moody here in Southern Maryland too. Not so long ago it was 80, which wilted my Iris reticulata. For the last several days it has been much cooler, 3+ inches of snow Sunday morning, enough sunshine for me to wash and line dry all of the dog beds, and now we're expecting rain for the next two days, but it's not here yet. We've had so very little snow this year, and I do like snow, even shoveling it. Yeah, I know, I'm not sane :o)