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Friday, March 25, 2011

I Staked a Vampire and Look What I Accomplished

Yesterday the weather was trying to work against me. We had really high winds and big fat rain drops. You all know I don't like snow, but I have to tell you, I'd rather have snow that 30 mph winds! I am very fearful of winds. That might be because Paradise is covered in trees. It might be because I was watching 2 huge trees kiss the house over and over yesterday.
Cousin Linda lives a door away and we have tried to convince each other that walnut trees and cedar don't uproot (which is what we mostly have in our yards).
I miss the sun. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was outside in short sleeves and flip-flops. For weeks now, my yard has been water logged. I have planters that are so full of water, they can't drain as fast as the rain falls. I feel like a bath tub raisin. I need some vitamin D. You all know how pale I am (not that I would sunbathe), I just need to see some rays of light.
I may have to travel...
But that ain't going to happen today, so... on with the schoolhouses.

Between the power outages, I managed to get some things done. I cut out about 16 SH blocks. I have all the pieces labeled and I'm ready for production.
Block 1. It sure looks uneven in the picture! I'm going to have to measure that up and see if it is the camera or me. All the blocks will have the same background, roof, door and windows. But all the SH will be different reds. These are 11 1/2 inch blocks and I still don't have a clue how I will put them all together.
Between one of the power flashes, I also managed to get a few blocks done for our guild meeting. Maybe my mojo is back?! They aren't to pretty together, but they wanted spring colors and these were all scraps, so no fabric was harmed in the process.
Because I had the scrap boxes out, I also made up a few hexies. I going to exchange them with my fabric pen-pal. I sure hope she like pink, cause thats the box I opened first!
So today I'm back at the machine to do another SH block. There's no wind and the power is on. I have no excuses!
My blogging buddy Ranette has suggested that I have a SH quilt along. Monday I will post some modified instructions for those who want to participate. Some gather up some reds or whatever color use want to use and come back Monday.
Take care, Brandie

Have a wonderful weekend...


Anonymous said...

morning Brandie, I have been wanting to do a school quilt for a very long time. this might be the nudge I needed to start. I will be back on Monday to see what is happening> Lizzie

Diamant said...

And your fabric pen-psl loves the pinks and is impressed by the contrasting patterned centres. She likes your schoolhouse block too.

Diane H said...

Hey, Brandie. Your school house quilt is going to be great - love all the reds. If you want a break from the rain we are still in the throes of a never ending winter here and are expecting another snowstorm this week - so come on up!