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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Buttons Galore

I feel so much better now! I've accomplished something that should have been done last week. I'm starting to feel that the dress is coming together. Today I need to line it, add a few button holes and sew in about a million hooks and eyes.
This is just for the bodice. The skirt is more or less done, but we won't know till we get that hoop under it to see what else it needs.
Last night I added half the boning to the bodice. Now those buttons won't be going anywhere.
These are real buttons, but I will be do a mock closure using hooks and eyes. I really didn't want to do 18 tiny button holes!
There will be more piping around the neckline, but we aren't sure were that should be yet. Same with the bottom hem of the bodice.

Pleated sleeve with the under sleeve attached. I really like the under sleeves. I think it is dressing up the dress.
I just have to remind myself, this is an historical dress from our area. No one in 1860 would be walking around in a taffeta dress. The woman would be dressed in a utilitarian way. Their dress's would have been used many, many times and would have to stand up to our environment (we have a lot of red dirt). So I know in my heart that this dress is appropriate, I just want to make it fancier. Those buttons have sure helped! And the under sleeves, not sure which I like better.
So I'm off, I've more sewing to do.
Take care, Brandie


debbie said...

You are doing such a wonderful job on this lovely costume! Still in awe of your skills. Please ask your customer if you can take a picture of the dress with her in it. If she doesn't want her face all over the internet maybe she could cover it with a bonnet! As beautiful as it looks on a dress dummy, I want to see it on a real body! Please, please please?

debbie said...

When It's done of course.

Diane H said...

Wow, you can sew anything!!! Fantastic job, Brandie.

Anita said...

It's so exciting to see it coming together! I think using the hook and eye tape is rather ingenious, I can't say I'd want to make so many button holes either...(I kinda hate button holes).

ranette said...

Amazing!!!! You are one talented lady. I too want to see the dress on a human.

Lori said...

Wow! Brandie that is looking so good! Amazing!!

Lynn said...

You are an incredible seamstress Brandie! You are dressmaker to the Queen!

Linda said...

How did I miss this??? Oh my, it's gorgeous! You are so talented!

Carrie P. said...

It is amazing. You have such great sewing skills. Great job.
Pretty nail polish too.