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Thursday, January 16, 2014


After a wonderful tutorial from Jo, I came home and started working on my new trees. These new trees will be smaller, much smaller than the first set of trees. 
Each half square finishs at 1 1/4 inch. 
I think I may have bitten off more than I want to chew, but I will go on. 
There is a lot of trimming to make them just right. They need to be precise so I don't fail Jo's tutorial. Or have a wonky quilt. Those days need to get behind me!
So trim, trim, trim and then construct the units. 
Then make them into these tiny, adorable trees! This makes all the pain worth it, kind of like childbirth. When you see how adorable these trees are, all you can do is sigh and smile. 
These little trees finish at 7 inches. The big trees finish at 13 inches. 
My plan is to frame the big trees with rows of tiny trees. 
I may have to go back and fiddle with that trunk. 
I also ran of the check fabric and will have to add another fabric into the quilt. Which is alright. It'll be fun to add a bit more color into this quilt, but it will still be green. 

Today is "cocktail" day. It's not so bad. I thought it would be much harder but in reality, it releaves my symptoms. Thank goodness!

Have a wonderful Thursday!
Take care, Brandie


paulette said...


Library Gal Quilts said...

No kidding, that is just fab~ Love your trees Brandie!

Lynn said...

Beautiful trees Brandie! I love your fabric selection.

Mad about Craft said...

That's a lot of trimmings!!

Esther said...

Wow, and good for you. They look amazing, but tiny.

Marie said...

I'm loving the size of your pieces & blocks - this will be fantastic. It's tiny, but as you say, when you see the final block you just can't help but smile.

Dee said...

Those small trees are so cute! That's a lot of tiny HST's to make. Good luck with them!

Createology said...

Oh dear these are tiny little bits of fabric you are working with. Your trees look amazing. Glad to hear you are feeling better with each "cocktail". Stitching Bliss Dear...

Jo said...

Sweet!!! Your trees are fabulous and you have made them your own! All the trimming can take some of the pleasure out of the process, but the outcome is divine, well done!!!
Thank goodness, you are getting some relief. Yea!

Lori said...

So small and cute! I most assuredly would have turned one of them the wrong way while constructing that tree!!

Sammy said...

Your work is beautiful, I love it :)

Carrie P. said...

oh, those are some tiny squares.
I had to scroll through your posts to see what I missed about the cocktail. That does not sound like fun but hopefully it will all work out for you!