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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Midwinter Blues

Of the quilting kind. Those are the only kinds of blues here, indigos that is. 
Have you started Humble Lori's quilt along? 
I knew I was going participate, I just needed to gather my fabric. 
Then I had a great idea. Use the fabrics that Lori personally gave me last February! 
These little squares have been sitting on my shelf in my cute little fork stand that my Daughter gave me. But I decided to break up a perfect set to make a cute, quick quilt.  
Yes I had to piece the centers but that makes it more me and I love that Lori gave me these fabrics! A perfect union!

Really I think I'm avoiding those tiny trees! It's starting to feel like work with all the cutting, trimming and pressing. And I'm feeling lazy! So lazy that I pulled out another UFO to appliqué so that I can avoid those trees. Shame on me! No finish this month!
But don't feel sorry for me because I'm still having fun. I finished my little red blocks and now I need to send them to my Valentine. I sure hope she likes them! I've owed her for over a year! Bad, bad, bad! I hope she doesn't remember how long it's been. Maybe she will be completely surprised and forgive me. Keep your fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful Thursday!
Take care, Brandie


Janet said...

Your little blocks are darling with the 4 patches.

Barb said...

I like your four patch centers! I'm also using cheddar - your blocks and shirtings are great.

Jean(ie) said...

LOVE the bits of orange! Love it!

Lori said...

Love the 4 patch!! And blue and cheddar is one of my fav combinations!!

Jo said...

Love the cheddar! I'm just getting to the cutting today. Your blocks look really good!

Miriam said...

Love your fabrics. A great idea to piece the centres.

I was resisting Lori's project this year, but I have seen some great blocks on blogs, so my resistance is weakening! Lol

Gayle said...

Great color combination - and piecing the centers is brilliant! Just found your blog and now I'm following.

Dee said...

Those blues look great with the cheddar. What a great use of one of those mini charm packs! I also love how you had it displayed on the stand before you used it. Too cute!